A little bit about me and this Blog


Interested in human rights, art, action, LGBT freedom, women’s rights, and protecting youth from violence. My first book, All We Knew But Couldn’t Say, is being published on June 1st, 2019, available for pre-order now on Amazon.                                                        One Blog. One Book. One step at a time.

It takes courage to believe in yourself when others tell you you should change who you are, pass, or disappear. And while the path has been difficult— authenticity and the fundamental belief that all people should live equally has fueled and inspired my choices as an actor, writer, advocate, and human being.

This Blog includes articles, ideas, photos, and writing on issues I’m passionate about: women, gender identity, youth, LGBTQ+ people, creative writing, and probably a few good rants. Thanks for stopping by.

You can also visit my website: www.joannevannicola.com

Instagram: joannevannicola

Twitter: joannevannicola


  1. Love this blog Jo and can totally identify with your thoughts about bullying, being called a tomboy etc. Your story takes me back to my youth and the similar experiences I had as a child. I was also strong, athletic, sensitive, kind, and have a big heart but I was judged by all things external. My looks (short hair etc.) I did not feel people fully understood the real me, but I refused to conform. I am still very much my own person in that sense. But that kind of ridicule never leaves you. Thank you!

  2. Yeah Joanne, looking forward to reading your book, LOVE the blog. Note: Had to stalk you as lost your number. Soproud, your cuz in Boston.

    • I am sorry I was so late to respond to being nominated for my blog. Thank you so much, very kind of you. A friend passed away and all else took a back seat during that time. But now I am back to read, write and share. Thanks again.

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