Sharon Simone: Activist, healer, friend.


I met Sharon Simone on the set of the movie about her life, The Ultimate Betrayal, where I played her daughter and met a number of amazing women including Ally Sheedy, Marlo Thomas, Mel Harris and a few others but for me, the real star was Sharon Simone herself.

Sharon Simone along with her sisters, sued their father as adult women for the sexual abuse and trauma they lived through as children by their father who was an FBI child abuse expert. Yes that is correct, Sharon’s father was a child abuse expert for the FBI and was sexually assaulting his girls. Sharon was instrumental in being part of changing the law with Congresswoman Pat Schroeder- The Child Abuse Accountability Act, where federal employees (since 1995 I believe) have their wages garnished to comply with rulings in cases of child abuse judgements.

Since that time Sharon has been a light and definite shaker with her activism, teaching, and social justice work.  She has been committed to making the world a better place. I caught up with her years after making that movie and our politics and social justice beliefs aligned. We developed a friendship and began to work together,  making the links between child abuse and other forms of oppression. We worked in a  peace group of women for four years during the Iraq invasion/war by the U.S. Sharon’s commitment to peace and reconciliation,  seeking out historical truths, making the links between Black Lives Matter, slavery and abuses during the civil rights era from FBI to police and military abuses against the citizens of the United States.




It’s been an amazing journey with her so far as a friend and fellow activist. Our work brought us together again in the Stop the Silence campaign in Washington D.C. during the first few years of it’s inception. After working with Sharon in Washington, I founded my non-profit (no longer active as non-profit but just an old website now!) Youth Out Loud, and Shar was a big part/inspiration for that effort in Toronto. Sharon created the Peace and Justice Program at Marygrove College and is now a healer and workshop leader in California. She never stops giving her time, heart and soul, which includes LGBT people, the environment and animals, always making the connections between important social issues and what we know as intersectional oppressions between race, gender, sexuality and economic status and the quest for healing and equity for humans and the environment, particularly our oceans and rivers.


Sharon has taught me so much along the path, but mostly gave me a lot of love when I needed it most. I just want to honour one of my very best friends and tell the world about her. Sharon is everything good about humanity. I am lucky to have her in my life.

Keep on keepin’ on Shar, you amazing woman you! Love always…

You can read a bit more about Sharon and history through her site: Headwaters Productions. 



  1. What a beautiful statement of love and connection…it does go both ways. I am grateful for our connection and our work together, Jo. May be get many more years of storming the heavens for justice and healing.

    Love, Sharon

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