Change, Stonewall, Writing. Revolution?


It isn’t truly a post about the Stonewall riots, but I did manage to play a small part in a movie about the Stonewall riots in the summer of 2014, shot in Montreal by Roland Emmerich. Mr. Emmerich does great big Hollywood blockbusters, but Stonewall was his heart project about a group of young men who try to escape their struggles in the homophobic America of the 60s. A lot of people don’t even know about Stonewall and the riotsand I think it’s a timely movie. It’s important for us never to forgetour history, and of course, to teach it to those who do not know about it.

From a female perspective I hope we will write more movies about Stonewall and more books and tell more and more of the truth of that time so that lesbian and women of the era have greater visibility, but for me as an actor it was a privilege to be the woman at the heart of the riot who screamed at her brothers and sisters on Christopher street in New York to, “Do something….” But you will have to see the movie to know more. I think it’s going to be amazing.

As for the rest of the year, it’s been hard to hold on to optimism but that too is important so that the people who have been abducted, abandoned or murdered all over the globe are remembered through peoplewho are here now trying to make a difference- so from Stonewall, to the children everywhere who suffer, to the silenced civilians in countries where freedom of speech is not a right, to the victims of war in The Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, to African Americans who are struggling with systemic racism and protesting for equity and change in the U.S., and to the many LGBT people in countries where it is still a crime to be LGBT, to the children who are being bullied, to the animals, seas and trees- may 2015 inspire a shift in consciousness and may all vulnerable creatures on earth emerge from the shadows of despair with strong friends and allies. We can’t pretend we don’t know about the struggles everywhere, they visit us on our screens in our living rooms and on our computers and in print. We know.

I will continue to work on being a better person from the country of privilege I live in. Canada is a good place, but we do have our problems politically and have aphoto 2 prime minister who is secretly and not so secretly eroding human rights and causing environmental chaos through his policies, but that is our work in our country. I hope we can change that so the pendulum swings the other way. It will.

I continue to work on publishing and finding a literary agent for my book, while writing a second one. I am also opening a company with a friend on writing, performance and much more, and trying to do a short doc. with another buddy about LGBT people…so stay tuned!

To all who happen to pass by this tiny blog and read this page, may you have a valued, inspired, hard working, creative and healthy year, and may all your efforts for change, art, activism and love- may it help the planet.

Happy New Year. 2015.



  1. Good to hear your year and reflection on matters important to you and hopefully to us all…I admire your dogged determination to keep us looking at the blight of homophobia and its global manifestations which kills body, mind and soul of so many good people on this planet. And, you always remember that it is not JUST we humans who live here on the planet and who need protection and respect…all creatures do and you never forget the vulnerable animals and other beings. You love the whole of what has been given us on this earth and you are bold and unstoppable in this regard. Keep it up. And, keep telling us about your work here and what matters to you. Your voice matters…to me and to the planet!

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