It’s been a while since I’ve posted. After my friend passed away in Nov 2013, there wasn’t anything I felt like posting about. Well…there were many things- the ice storms, moving AGAIN, being bullied and harassed by a couple of male neighbours, finishing my first book (it hasn’t been published yet), being a jury member for York Film Fest, being hired to play a role in the film about Stonewall which is very exciting and I wish to be in it no matter how small or large the role is, the time and story is one I really want to be part of. History! I’ll write more about it during and after we shoot. Honoured.

Of course there are so many things happening on the world stage, including the girls who were abducted in Nigeria and who are still missing. Racism in the NBA (well racism everywhere but the billionaire was caught on tape). Elections in Canada and how the conservatives are trying to erode human rights. The never-ending embarrassment of Rob Ford who himself admits he is a racist…but he left out that he was also sexist and homophobic. He is a man elected to run one of the largest cities in North America that is filled with people from all races, cultures, genders, sexualities, people who are thinkers and artists, workers and educators, innovators. How did Rob Ford ever get elected? And more importantly…why is he still running for Mayor for a second term and why hasn’t he been removed from office? Ok, I didn’t want to write a post about Ford, but truth is with so many big life (personal) and world events, it seemed less important to write something that would be under 1000 characters worth sharing on the internet.

Instead, a mini review in words and pictures, just moments:

 At The great Shirley Douglas’s birthday party with so many friends including her son Kiefer Sutherland and daughter Rachel, Rick Mercer is standing behind Rachel (middle pic). Michael Oscars, Doland, Fiona Reid, Shirley and a few others. First pic is Shirley and I. I love her. Always been a champ of mine and a great activist in Canada and actor herself. Love you Shirley.

Copyright Joanne Vannicola

IMG_4753  IMG_4746IMG_4770

Art Hindle and I doing a shoot to raise awareness about violence against women (It’s just make-up on my face).

The other pic is Ingrid Veninger and I at TIFF party for the movie Animal Project.

1382230_352647904872612_116309086_n IMG_3612 - Version 2

Ice crystals that formed on my favourite lake. Unusual occurrence. Never seen anything like it.


Flowers on a walk in Toronto.

IMG_3381IMG_3322IMG_3351 - Version 2

The fascinating museum at Lily Dale in N.Y. and the hotel I did NOT stay in.

IMG_2843 IMG_2885

Everyone needs a walk in a Fairy Village.


Canadiana.  TIFF 2013.

IMG_3622photo 3

Taking pictures after my friend died and after the ice storm. 2013 was a tough year, but the natural world always helped heal.


IMG_3472 IMG_3439

My friend Steffin Light-childhood photo. RIP. xo

1_Steven_12yrs old

All images Copyright of Joanne Vannicola.


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